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The breast implants are guaranteed for life, although it is very important to perform annual ultrasound scans to rule out any problems. Remember that your doctor is the best ally in case of any doubt or discomfort. It is necessary a constant contact with professional who performed surgery, and otherwise, we advise you to have your controls with qualified people to do the review.
After liposculpture the postoperative girdle should be used for an average period of three months. Remember that the belt is your best ally to maintain and adopt the correct postures after intervention, in addition also it helps you shape your figure and cooperates in your final recovery.
Sun exposure depends on the type of surgical procedure. For the liposculpture is advisable to avoid the sun during the first month post-operative. Also in the case of mastoplasty. When we talk about lifting and interventions in the face average time must be equal to or more than three months, taking the necessary precautions as are the use of UV sunscreen from SPF 40 protection, hats or other clothing to help cover the face of it and dark glasses.
Ideally when you decide to get a tummy tuck is not to have more children, but get pregnant if time-dependent risk of having surgery done, however it is not an absolute contradiction.
The sensitive nipples after a breast augmentation can be altered, but usually fully recover gradually.
This will depend according to the surgical procedure performed. For liposculpture the recommended time is between one and two weeks. In the case of a breast you must have a minimum period of three weeks to a month. This intervention requires special care based on the movements that can make or not each patient, the force to be run and that is not allowed for proper and complete recovery.


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